Scottish Forestry

Scottish forestry forms part of the North East Scotland Biodiversity Partnership.

Scottish Forestry supports the delivery of the Scottish Government’s priorities for Scotland’s forests, through guidance, advice, incentives and regulations, and by advising Ministers on forestry policy.

We have supported the North East Scotland Biodiversity Partnership since it started, and have been impressed by the commitment and enthusiasm of the staff, partners and volunteers as we work together to protect, enhance and promote the wonder, wealth and importance of the North East’s amazing biodiversity.

The partnership’s work is compatible with the following objectives and priorities of Scotland’s Forestry Strategy 2019:


  • Improve the resilience of Scotland’s forests and woodlands and increase their contribution to a healthy and high quality environment
  • Increase the use of Scotland’s forest and woodland resources to enable more people to improve their health, well-being and life chances


  • Ensuring forests and woodlands are sustainably managed
  • Expanding the area of forests and woodlands, recognising wider land-use objectives
  • Increasing the adaptability and resilience of forests and woodlands
  • Enhancing the environmental benefits provided by forests and woodlands
  • Engaging more people, communities and businesses in the creation, management and use of forests and woodlands

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