Aberdeen City Council

Aberdeen City Council forms part of the North East Scotland Biodiversity Partnership.

Aberdeen City Council serves about 229,000 citizens and is visited by many people for work, study and pleasure. The city is a major gateway to the Northern Isles, Europe and Scandinavia. It is a centre for learning, and for traditional and renewable energy sectors.

Of the council area, around 40% is urban and 60% is rural. The sweeping coastline, two major rivers, and forested and moorland hills are defining features of the city.  Agriculture, rural estates and forestry dominate the hinterland. Consequently, there is a diverse range of natural habitats and designated sites across both built and rural areas. Inshore and offshore waters support a wealth of marine wildlife.

Aberdeen City Council’s involvement in the Partnership’s plans and projects helps us further our biodiversity duty under the Nature Conservation (Scotland) Act 2004. The Partnership’s Strategic Delivery Plan and actions complement the Council’s environmental and community objectives and helps to support us in our land-use planning duties.

“Nature is an important part of life for residents, visitors and businesses of Aberdeen. Through the Partnership we can work collaboratively with other organisations to empower communities and businesses to protect and enhance biodiversity through their own activities, for the benefit of all.”

Gale Beattie, Chief Officer (Place)

Aberdeen City Council