Pooling Our Ponds

Community Survey Inititiave - Pooling our Ponds

The State of Nature Report, published by the RSPB, highlights one of the biggest challenges to protecting Biodiversity -


"Our ability to monitor the state of nature, and respond with appropriate conservation action, is hampered by a lack of knowledge on the trends of most of the UK’s plant and animal species. As a result, we can report quantitative trends for only 5% of the 59,000 or so terrestrial and freshwater species in the UK, and for very few of the 8,500 marine species. Our knowledge is strongly biased towards vertebrates and we know little about the fortunes of many invertebrates and fungi. Much needs to be done to improve our knowledge."


The recently published report also recognises the invaluable contribution that volunteers can make in helping gather this much needed information -


"What we do know about the state of the UK’s nature is often based upon the efforts of thousands of dedicated volunteer enthusiasts who contribute their time and expertise to species monitoring and recording schemes".


Do you want to help local Biodiversity? Pond life is one area that is very under-recorded in the North East - we know there are lots of amphibians, insects and plants living within our ponds, but we have relatively few records of these species. Join our community initiative to record pond life across the North East and help us build up a picture of the health of our region's ponds.


It's easy to take part - just half an hour four times a year could really make a difference to the knowledge we have on the state of the ponds across the North East. Follow the step-by-step guide below to use the survey recording pack and help us Pool our Ponds!









Students from Alford Primary School taking part in the survey, with the help of Aberdeenshire Council Rangers Service



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