NESBiP has a new Biodiversity Coordinator!

NESBiP has been without a coordinator for a little while, but Abbie has joined us with lots of enthusiasm and passion. She is ready to support the partners, communities and biodiversity. Learn more about her here.

NESBiP has a new Biodiversity Coordinator! Abbie Ferrar joined NESBiP in April. Since then she has been busy learning more about what NESBiP is and how she can support communities and partners in protecting their local biodiversity.

The NESBiP partnership brings together more than 40 local organisations, including environmental and community groups, local authorities and businesses. It is supported by funding from Aberdeen City Council, Aberdeenshire Council, Moray Council, Neptune Energy and Scottish Forestry. And Abbie is eager to be here to support communities and biodiversity:

“I have always loved being in nature, it helps me in so many ways. I have been very fortunate in my life to have been connected to it from a young age. The reason I want to protect nature, is because of this connection.

Being a part of NESBiP means I can use my knowledge, skills and passion to help those that aren’t as fortunate or just need some guidance in improving their green space. Whether that’s a business, organisation or someone just wanting to make their garden better! A green space is a green space.

NESBiP is a community and we need to work together to protect nature.”

The last few weeks she’s been supporting community groups by promoting their work on green spaces on the NESBiP Facebook Page. Abbie is hoping that by creating videos, like the one for Portlethen Moss Conservation Group below, other groups will gain some inspiration to create a green space or improve one they already have. Because even a small space can make a big difference!

As NESBiP has a new Biodiversity Coordinator the website and Facebook will go through some changes. Due to this, we ask that you are patient through this process. If you have any feedback or questions, we would love to hear from you. Contact us on

Learn more about Abbie in The James Hutton blog here: What’s your favourite childhood memory – and did it involve nature? – James Hutton Institute. 

Did you know NESBiP has a Wildlife Gardening Group you can join? In this group you can get advice on how to manage even the smallest space for our declining wildlife. A garden, school grounds, business premises, a golf course – absolutely anywhere. Join it here.