Pollinators and why they are wonderful – Hutton Highlights

Hutton Highlights is a James Hutton Institute podcast and back in May, NESBiP was invited to talk about pollinators and why they are wonderful.

Following on from our seminar in March, our new NESBiP Biodiversity Coordinator, Abbie joined The James Hutton Institute (JHI) and Nescan Hub (NESCAN) on the latest Hutton Highlights podcast to talk about pollinators and why they are wonderful. There’s more to them than you think, including moths being a surprise night time super pollinator. We talk through some pollinator bugbears, no mow May and all the different ways you can support our pollinator populations.

Listen to the full episode below.


Elaine Maslin, Media Officer (Aberdeen) at the Hutton


Rose Toney (pictured right), an ecologist and community development officer at the North East Scotland Climate Action Network (NESCAN).
Abbie Ferrar (pictured centre), coordinator of the North East Scotland Biodiversity Partnership (or NESBiP).
Dr Jenni Stockan (pictures left), an expert in insect ecology and conservation at the Hutton.
Dr Ali Karley, agroecologist at the Hutton.

For more information about what you’ve heard in this podcast, visit:

North East Scotland Biodiversity Partnership (nesbiodiversity.org.uk)
Helping Scotland’s Pollinators

We hope this episode leaves you buzzing to help our pollinators!

Thanks for listening, we hope you enjoyed this glimpse into the world of wonderful pollinators.

Did you know NESBiP has a Wildlife Gardening Group you can join? In this group you can get advice on how to manage even the smallest space for our declining wildlife. A garden, school grounds, business premises, a golf course – absolutely anywhere. Join it here.

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