Activity 1 - Scavenger Hunt

Print out this page and next time you're in your local park or woods try and find each item on the list. The items do not have to be found in order and you should never pick wild flowers or fungi etc. Try and find things that are on the ground or even write down or draw the item that you have found on to this page. Remember to take a pen and a carrier bag from home with you before you go out.

  1. Something beginning with the letter N
  2. Something shiny
  3. A feather
  4. Three different shaped leaves
  5. A bendy twig
  6. Something that makes a noise
  7. Something red
  8. Something see-through
  9. Something smaller than your thumb nail
  10. A cone bigger than your finger
  11. Something that is not natural
  12. Something a bird might find handy
  13. Some ant food
  14. Something with more than one colour on it
  15. Something prickly
  16. Something tickly
  17. Something triangular in shape
  18. Something starting with the first letter of your first name
  19. Something with stripes
  20. Some bird food

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